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This is a very last minute thing and the task is moderate difficulty. The document "AI and RPA Opportunities" contains an in-depth analysis of the RPA called UIPath. I have a presentation first thing tomorrow (1:00AM UTC time 5/6/20) and am going to speak in-depth on UIPath. After the presentation, there will be 5 minutes of question time from the audience and teachers. For the task, I'd like the expert to come up with a list of 20 different questions that may be asked with regards to UIPath. The questioning is going to be heavily based on UIPath and I don't have a clue what questions I may be asked by the audience or teachers.

Corporate reporting case

In the case study, you should prepare the Income Statement of the presented company for the year ended Dec 20X6. In the file you income statement and balance sheet for the year 20x5. To each statement you have some notes in separate sheets.
Events in 20x6 sheet contain all the information of events happened in 2016

Special test

Question 1
Technology has improved on agricultural business and as a result new smart agribusinesses are enhancing
agricultural value chain. Farmers are provided with marketing opportunities that help them link their products
with potential customers. Other agribusiness entrepreneurs are adding value to raw materials and selling new
products at competitive prices. There is the need to create an online trading platform for farmers to trade their
commodities at favourable prices or store them to receive warehouse receipts. The receipt system will give
farmers the opportunity to deposit goods (mainly grains) in order to acquire a warehouse; a financial
instrument that shows deposit proof with the quality and quality of the goods in question. Farmers can delay
the sale of their commodities to a period when prices are more favourable. Warehouse receipt systems can
therefore mobilize credit for agricultural sector and improve agriculture trade.
One of the main c

AI and RPA Opportunities

The task requires to find suitable RPA and AI that will reduce the process in the finance functions of WSU. The document "Finance-Systems" explains the current systems in place. WSU would like RPA/AI to automate many of the procedures within the finance function. As consultants we also have to weigh the cost benefit in deciding whether to automate a function. For example, the function "Accounts Receivable" shows "Debtor invoicing manual but small volume" and "Credit memos - manual but small volume". Since it is a manual process but small volume, automation isn't needed. On the other hand, functions such as "Accounts Payable" and "Creditor Invoice Processing" show as Automation Possibility: "Creation partially automated", "Maintenance assignments/locations - manual" & "Some automation (partially successful)" which shows these functions must be fully automated. Looking into the RPA and AI, I have found UIPath to be the best RPA available (I'm uncertain if it can be implemented in

Project Management 2

I need assistance in answering 11 questions in Project Management.  Please see the attached documents for instructions and the questions.  I need this assignment back completed and sent back to me Thursday at 3pm EST.  I can only pay the desired price that I have listed.  Thank you for assisting. 

Assignment I10059486-D

I need assistance with an assignment I need to submit. Assignment A, B and C have already been submitted. This is the last assignment for accounting.
I'm running behind with other assignments that I need to focus on.
Please can you use Microsoft Word?


To complete Milestone 1 of the Course Project (due this week), do the following.

Complete requirements one through three on the worksheets.
Type your work directly into these worksheets in this Course Project Template (Links to an external site.).
Save your workbook as "Milestone 1_CourseProject_ ACCT212_YourName."
Don't forget to submit your workbook by the end of Week 4.
Criteria    Ratings    Pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeStep 1: Journal Entries
24.0 to >21.0 pts
Journal entries use accurate accounts and amounts; and debits and credits are used correctly.
21.0 to >19.0 pts
Journal entries mostly use accurate accounts and amounts; and debits and credits are used correctly.
19.0 to >17.0 pts

Journal entries have some errors in use of accounts and amounts; and debi
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