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I have made a sample proposal 1, which is already done and submitted, now I need to submit the second part "sample proposal part 2." This describes in depth of the research methods, philosophies, and data collection and techniques along with ethical issues. File with the name RM 2 - is the one which needs to be completed! pls help!! it needs to be around 1500 to 2000 words (including citations, excluding reference page).
The topic for my proposal is: Effects of Dividend Policies on Stock Prices- Pakistan Stock Exchange

econometrics literature review

literature review about the loan growth in both Germany and KSA and how did it affect on the business, banks and the economy as a whole (2017) + the saving and borrowing in (KSA  and Germany) for business purposes or farm purposes+ the saving and borrowing form business institutions in both (KSA and Germany)

Submit a 2,500 word report based on the application of DMAIC to the hospital case study provided on-line in Canvas.

Submit a 2,500 word report based on the application of DMAIC to the hospital case study provided on-line in Canvas.
You will assume the role of a Yellow Belt assigned to the (fictitious) Riverside Hospital to help its Lean Six Sigma team address the hospitals problems. You are required to write a report for the Green and Black Belts (Module Tutors) detailing each stage of the project you select for improvement. You must focus on the problem of food. the delivery reheating, wastage etc...

You must write your assignment in a business report format that addresses the following five phases of DMAIC:
1. Define:
The business case for your selected project;
A project problem statement and an objective statement;
SIPOC map;
Pareto analysis
Application of Y = F (X) + E to the problem (identify your desired output and independent
Critical to quality variables for the customer;
Critical to quality variables for the hospital department.

Operation management

Harvard Styile Citation
three questions need to be answered
1.  Has Adidas created a niche market by differentiating it from its competitors? Explain your perspective. (min. 1,500 words)

2.  How has Adidas has been able to lower the costs of its products? Discuss your views (min. 1,000 words)

3.  Discuss in detail in your understanding of the success or failure behind Adidas supply chain management strategies. (min. 1,500 words)

Samsung Galaxy Marketing in the U.S. and Worldwide

This is for an international marketing course and its material is focused on the marketing playbook which is,

5Cs (customer, company, context, collaborators, competitors) -> STP (Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning) -> 4Ps (Marketing Mix).

This should be the basis of the entire essay while comparing Samsung's marketing of the Galaxy in the US to what it has done in other markets, pointing out key differences and similarities.

medical questions

Answer all of the questions included in this document. 
In your answer you must include references in Harvard format. 
You must submit your work via turnitin (available under the assessment tab on the module space).
Work must adhere to the university policy regarding good academic practice.

Question 1 (14 Marks)
1. Name the condition where a thrombosis is identified typically in the femoral or iliac vein. 
2. Name the three predispositions to developing thrombosis contained in Virchows triad and briefly describe one cause of each. (12 Marks)

Question 2 (14 Marks)
a. Define a Stroke (2 Marks)

b. List 3  risk factors for stroke (excluding age and smoking) and one investigation for each (12 Marks).

Question 3 (17 Marks)
a.    Define Heart failure (2 Marks)

b.    list 3 types of heart failure and describe 3 symptoms or signs for each (15Marks)

Question 4 (15 Marks)


A 2,000 words report individual assignment. The student writes a critical reflective essay on a topic of choice in corporate governance .




LITERATURE REVIEW AND Body paragraphs, main arguments 1000



The Welsh abdominal aortic aneurysm screening programme (WAAASP) in UK invites all men aged 65 to have an abdominal ultrasound scan performed at one visit to a screening centre.
The programme employs technicians that only perform this type of scan. There are normally 3 or 4 technicians at each screening centre, there are 3 separate screening technician teams, one each for North Wales, South West and South East Wales. All the teams move around different centres within each region.
The measurement value used to determine whether an aneurysm is present or not is 3cm.
3cm or above on the scan means that you have an aneurysm and that you will have regular scans from then on, or referral to a vascular surgeon if the aneurysm is 5.5cm or larger.
Under 3cm means no further scans are required.
Using appropriate vocabulary and terminology, describe what type of variations in measurements may occur when using ultrasound scans to screen a population for abdominal aortic aneurys
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