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Any topic (writer’s choice)

Can you cite all these sources

Phenotypes and Genotype relationship

Write 10 page single spaced paper  on the Genotype -Phenotype relationship based on attached research paper link. After relate the paper to cell language paper also attached as word doc.
Below is the link to the research that should be used.

Any topic (writer’s choice)

The rules for the prose poem are as follows:

400-500 words

Ends on an image

Has some kinda point

i need to poems

i did one already and this was the feed back "what is this? Start over and write about something real in modern English please."


The communities I was apart of before vivid-19 were sports, hanging out with friends, bio major, health professions, and working at a Chinese restaurant. The communities Im apart of now are family, and college course online. The communities I wish to be apart of are cheerleading, rafting and giving back to the community (cleaning and sharing resources)...the instructions are in the files, if you have any questions please ask.

Poem Analyzation

Individually Analyze This Is Just To Say William Carlos Williams and Sex Without Love by Sharon Olds from your own perspective, based on some form of research. Pay attention to the choice of words and the musical srcshark of words/language by the writers of the poems. Format with 1 Intro paragraph 3 body paragraphs and 1 conclusion paragraph
(As usual, 600-800 Words)

How to Improve Literacy Rates in Sub-Saharan Africa

Research Paper for AP Seminar

Topic: How to Improve Literacy Rates in Sub-Saharan Africa


Provide multiple unique solutions and argue why yours is best with support from research. 

I have included the rubric and citations for some sources that I have found. These sources do not need to be the ones used, but there need to be at least 10

Paper should be done in MLA format

Only the section of the provided rubric labeled Individual Written Argument (pgs. 2-3) apply

Cliffe Castle museum art

I am writing a paper on the virtual reality tour of Cliffe Castle museum, please zero in on 1 or two of the pieces of art on display in the museum and write about them visually and historically

Philosophy Writing 253, About Cixous book and response

read both documents that were uploaded, one is instructions on the whole assignment and the other one is the pdf version of the book so you can cite sources and provide evidence since this assignment is only %25 summary.

The response should be 2-3 pages
1.5 spacing and standard margins
NB: no more than 25% should be summary of the text
NB: explanation and elaboration are not summary!

Antigone by Sophocles

Creon claims that the rule of the king must be obeyed even if its wrong in order to avoid anarchy and chaos. Antigone claims that family relations are more important. Which of the two do you agree with? Give reasons. (700 words is the word count, also you don't need outside sources just cite parts of the text that will further support either -or both- sides)

Bill Gates

I need to write an essay about Bill Gates.

I'm attaching the sources that need to be used. (Named source 1, source 2, etc)

I'm also attaching a document called Instructions, which has the requirements for the essay.

The file called Annotated Bibliography contains an overview of the source used.

The reading <<Chuck Klostermans Which Rock Star Will Historians of the Future Remember?>> Can be found in one of the sources

The document called Prompt contains the requirements for the "prompt" portion of the instructions. You can use part of this as part of the essay if preferred.

The Thesis statement is only a draft and can be modified as needed or a new thesis statement can be written by you.

The essential questions that appear in the instructions are for guidance, however, not all of them have to be answered, neither are part of the essay structure. They're made as a guide of what information the essay should contain.

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