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When Rachel Leist was working in marketing at HubSpota technology company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that produces marketing and sales softwarethe company realized that something was happening as they grew in size. Many of their teams were spread out in different locations across the globe. That meant that team meetings often were held virtually. Rachels marketing team decided that they wanted to do something that would make not only their team work better, but also help the company learn from their experience. They came up with a special week that they named Remote Week.

The team tried holding all their meetings via video during Remote Week. They also made a pact to try a wide variety of meetings during this week, including cross-functional meetings, one-on-one meetings, and all-team meetings. At the end of the week, they asked for feedback from everyone on the team. What did they find?

Team members realized that having someone who takes on the role of a


We will focus on some of the ethical issues brought up in the Ted talks we watched last week for this discussion post. First, look through the summaries that some of the other students wrote about the talks. Identify at least three ethical issues from different videos or the research they discuss. Describe each of the three ethical issues to begin your post. Then, focus on one of these issues and discuss how we might alter our research methods to solve this ethical issue.


Judaism is characterized as a religion of doing, and faith is seen in actions toward others. Review the 10 Commandments, the Eightfold Path of Buddhism, the Confucian Virtues, and the 12 Vows of Jainism.

Do you see a similar or different understanding of action and faith in these religions as in Judaism?


It is a 6 question project. I have 3 in question. Numbers 3-5.

3) I have no idea what he means underneath question 3 to be able to contruct the plot.
4) We have covered A-F, but not G-I
5) Cant do 5 without 4 being done. So this one too.

Film history reading and response

Answer all the questions from the book which I provide and dont copy the sentences from the book. Also, use simple word in the sentence is ok because I am not a native speaker. Dont plagiarism from the internet or this assignment will not be accepted by teacher.

Peer Review of Introduction

In this discussion board, you will begin writing your argument essay due at the end of Unit 7 by submitting the introduction to your essay. The introduction is the opening of your essay. You want to hook the reader from the first paragraph of your essay. In order to do that, you will need to pay attention to the first sentence you use in your essay. You want to engage the readers with that sentence. Your next sentences will briefly explain your essay topics. Finally, end the introduction with a thesis statement that reveals your argument as well as your topics.
Here is a sample introduction on cyberbullying in high school to give you an idea of how an introduction should be organized:
Cyberbullying through online platforms, such as Twitter, has become a growing problem that needs to be strongly addressed in public high schools around the country. Why, one might ask, is cyberbullying such an important issue? Cyberbullying is the act of bullying someone online. Often, that bullying

Any topic (writer’s choice)

1.Jasmine agrees to purchase 1,500 tons of recycled glass from Louie, the price to be determined at the time of delivery. Is such an agreement enforceable? Compare the common law with Article 2 of the UCC.
2. Briefly discuss how an offer can be accepted. Include in your answer the application of the mirror image rule.
3. Shirley is an actress under contract with Twentieth Century. Shirley agreed to perform the lead role in a musical to be filmed in Hollywood by Twentieth Century. At the last minute, Twentieth Century decided to scrap the musical and assigned its rights in Shirley to MGM. MGM was planning to film a western in Australia requiring Shirley to spend six months filming in Australia. Can Shirley successfully prevent this assignment?

4. Define and compare the terms vagueness and ambiguity.

Cultural Geography

This time I want you to do follow up post regarding #190616965.

Your follow-up should consist of two parts, and be about 150-250 words total for both parts (or more, if you'd like). You may choose to respond to the same classmate or to two different classmates (one for each part).
1. First, comment on a classmate's meme/macro/gif. The comment can take any form; you can draw connections to something from your daily life or another meme, highlight certain elements and explain why you think they're notable, comment on its cultural specificity, etc. However, it should be substantive, i.e., do not simply state that it is "funny", "interesting", or things of the like.
2. Second, answer/respond to a classmate's question. Again, this should be substantive; do not simply state it is "an interesting question", etc.

I attached the screenshot of post which I want you to reply to. I thought this classmate's post is relevant to your post #190616965.

Also I have uploade

Summary #6

Prior to the beginning of one class each week (e.g. prior to the Tuesday class or prior to the Thursday class), students are required to write a short summary of one of the required readings for that class and upload the summary to the course website. This summary should be between 300 and 500 words (approximately one page).

The summaries are posted under the assignments tab on canvas or can be found under each module. You have the option to upload either a PDF or a word document. The summaries are due by 1:00 am the day before the class and cannot be uploaded after that time.

There are 10 weeks of class. You need to complete 10 reading summaries; your lowest score may be dropped. If you make a reasonable effort and write something thoughtful, you will receive full credit. I expect that everyone should regularly be receiving full credit.

The summary should cover the following: (i) Why is the paper important (or why not)? (ii) An overview of the core contributions o


Review the Theories of Gender:Sex.pdfPreview the document reading. You only need to review the section on critical/cultural theories (pages 8-12 meaning the pages of the PDF, not the scanned page numbers). The four shared assumptions will become the foundation of your critique.

4. In 300-500 words, describe the 4 shared assumptions of critical/cultural theory.

5. In 400-700 words, compare the 4 shared assumptions of critical/cultural theory to genderlect theory. Does the theory meet the standards described by the four assumptions of critical/cultural theory?

6. In 300-500 words, draw some conclusions about your analysis. These questions are just ways to get you started with the last section. The point of a conclusion is to both summarize what you have done and then explain why what you have written matters. What did you learn by applying a critical/cultural lens to genderlect theory? How would you revise genderlect theory to better fit the four assumptions? What d
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