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Imagine a "black box" data structure you can push data into it and pop data out, but you cannot look at the implementation. Write a program to consider a series of push commands and expected pop values, then report on the nature of the black box structure. It might be:

how the internet works website

The objective of this assignment is to get you familiarized with how the Internet works. You need to work individually for this assignment. You need to create a website (like one in the History of the Internet assignment) and explain some of the following topics:

Domain names and ICANN
IP Addresses, Packets and Routing
HTTP and HTTPS protocols
W3C and HTML and CSS
Assignment Requirements:
Create an index page with a nice introduction to these topics along with the links to all the other pages.
Create an ABOUT page, discussing about this assignment, along with few lines about yourself.
Create one page for each of the topics.
Make sure to use Bootstrap (Links to an external site.) for your website. Your website should have a navigation bar (Links to an external site.) containing the links to different pages.
Host this website on Github Pages or AFS
The README file of the Github repository for this assignment should clearly mention the URL of th

history of the internet

With your partner your need to make a website about the history of the Internet based on the videos in this unit.

Your website needs a homepage, team page (about you and your partner with a link to linkedin), an about page that describes that this is an assignment for the course, it needs a page for each video in the unit and all of the pages need to be linked to the main menu.  You need to write the text for each page in word, which is approx 1-2 pages double spaced for each video.  You can use bullet points and photos or create a create a timeline graphic, it doesn't need to be all text.  Your need to use Bootstrap and can use the code from class that is here to start:

Repository (Links to an external site.)

Live Site Example: (Links to an external site.)

Do not FORK or CLONE my repo, it is only for reference a

Subject Selection By Greedy Optimization

The Institute hired you to implement the program. They asked you to implement a greedy method (greedyAdvisor) to formulate
a list of subjects that satisfies each students constraint (the amount of work student is willing to do).
The algorithm should pick the best subjects first. The notion of best is determined by the use of the comparator. The
comparator is a function that takes two argumentseach of which is a (value, work) tupleand returns a boolean indicating
whether the first argument is better than the second. Here, the definition of better can be altered by passing in different
Weve provided three comparators for you to pass in:
cmpValue, which compares the values of the subjects
cmpWork, which compares the workload of the subjects
cmpRatio, which compares the value/work ratios of the subjects


The implementation of a simple but efficient randomized algorithm
for finding the ith order statistic, using divide and conquer.
Definition 1. The ith order statistic of an array A of n numbers is (1) the ith smallest number
in A, if i n; or (2) not defined, otherwise.
Note that the given array A is arbitrary and may not be sorted. Also, array A may or may not
have duplicates in its member elements. Below are a few examples:
The first order statistic of A[5, 4, 2, 7] is 2, because 2 the smallest number in the array A.
Obviously the first order statistic is just the minimum of all the array elements.
The nth order statistic of an array A[0..n 1] is just the maximum of all the array elements.
Both the third and the fourth order statistics of A[5, 2, 4, 7, 4, 1] are the number 4, because 4
the third as well as the fourth smallest number in the array A.
The seventh order statistic of A[5, 2, 4, 7, 4, 1] does not exist, because array A has only 6

Long Integer Addition

Can you please type this out and in java? thank you!

For this assignment you are to write a class that supports the addition of extra long integers, by using linked-lists. Longer than what is supported by Java's built-in data type, called long.

Your program will take in two strings, consisting of only digits, covert each of them to a linked-list that represents an integer version on that string. Then it will create a third linked-list that represents the sum of both of the linked lists. Lastly, it will print out the result of the sum.

Conceptual Example
For the string: "12", create a list: head->1->2->null
For the string: "34", create a list: head->3->4->null
Add the two lists to create a third list: head->4->6->null
print the resulting linked list as "46"
Where "->" represents a link.

Keep in mind that the conceptual example above is conceptual. It does suggest a certain implementation. However as you read on you

Watch a Video titled “Reasons for Writing”

Watch a video titled, "Reasons for writing" it is approximately 28 minutes long and answer  5 questions in  its entirely.  I will upload the video and the questions.

Required Video:

The future of international relations post Covid-19 pandemic

Font is times new romans 12. PAPER MUST HAVE A TABLE OF CONTENTS

Biochemistry questions

1.    (30 points) A student working in Dr. Selbys research lab orders a new lab buffer system from Sigma chemical company.  The chemical formula is proprietary and the manufacturer refuses to release the complete chemical formula.  From the companys technical data sheet, the following information was provided, the buffer system is a triprotic buffer system with each proton being attached to a unique functional group that equilibrates as shown in the reaction below Sigma also includes that A represents the polyatomic chemical species that Sigma chemical refuses to release;
H3A + H2O        H2A- + H3O+        HA-2 + H3O+          A-3 + H3O+
Its known that the A portion of the buffer has a molecular weight of 135.25 g/mol.  The four components of the buffer system are packaged separately as dry powders with one in the fully protonated form and the others in the three sodium salt f

Family Violence evidence review essay

For this assignment, you are asked to provide a review of the research and practice evidence on one of the following topics:

Risk factors and risk assessment in family violence
The effects of family violence on children and implications for practice
Multi-agency and collaborative practice models in response to family violence
Diversity, intersectionality and building inclusive responses to family violence
You will need to structure your Evidence Review just like you would an essay (e.g. with a title, introduction, clear paragraphs, conclusion and references), and make sure that it presents an overall argument.
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