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Planning a website

As we discussed previously, in the early days of HTML, web pages were composed mostly of text content with a few static images. In this way, web pages were much like the kinds of documents people had been creating in programs like Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect for a long time. These programs let you format your document and the text, give it styling such as bold; coloring; italics; different fonts; letting you add margins, headers, and page numbers; etc. Likewise, the early versions of HTML let you add these same features using specialized tags such as:

<b> for bolding - ex: <b>bold</b>
<i> for italics ex: <i>italics</i>
<u> for underline ex: <u>underline</u>
<s> for strikethrough text ex: <s>strikethrough</s>
<center> for centering text or other content on a web page
<font> for specifying the font style, color, and size to one or more words ex: <font color="orange" f
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