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Critical reading evaluation
1. A brief summary of the key points brought up for you in the readings (first paragraph), no more than 100 words.
2. Three seperate theses/claims and present a supporting argument for each (in three
paragraphs). Better include a references. Go with the statement, reason, evidence ( counter argument, rebuttal)
Whole paper no more than 600 words.

The following are the general criteria by which the CREs will be
Summary of key points is relevant, accurate, succinct and clear
Evidence and depth of thinking
Comments, analyses, and arguments are insightful and well-structured
Organization, clarity (grammar, sentence structure, coherence, etc)

1. Chapman, A. (2019). Borderline personality disorder and emotion dysregulation. Development
and Psychopathology, 31, 11431156 doi:10.1017/S0954579419000658
2. McMain, S. F., Chapman, A. L., Kuo, J. R., Guimond, T., Streiner, D. L., Dixon-Gordon K. L.,Isaranuwatchai, W., & Hoch, J. S. (2018). BMC Psychiatry 18:230
3. Linehan, M.L., Korslund, K. E., Harned M . S., Gallop, R. L., Lungu, A., Neacsiu, A. D.,
McDavid, J., Comtois, K. A., & A. M. (2015). Dialectical Behavior Therapy for High
Suicide Risk in Individuals With Borderline PersonalityDisorder: A Randomized Clinical
Trial and Component Analysis. JAMA Psychiatry.


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