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Chapter 1 Assignment

Chapter 1 Assignment

ASSIGNMENTS: Assignments in canvas (15) are opened by the system at the beginning of the course and remain open until the assignment due date. No late work will be accepted. Each assignment will be worth 25 points, for a course total of 375 points. Assignments must be placed in the assignment in word document (.docx) format only (NO txt, rtf or PDF files). SCF Offers free to each qualifying student the 360 Suite for PC and/or MAC. Please follow the instructions on SCF Connect and install this software. No work in this course will be accepted for review if not in the proper file format.

Do not send assignment via email or as comments. This is an automatic zero for the assignment.
Remember formatting will be part of your grade. Assignment postings should consist of five complete paragraphs with a minimum of five sentences each. The following Link will provide you with some refresher one the five-paragraph model. Please apply the Critical Thinking rubric to your work. A Rubric will be used to review your assignments, look for changes and additions to the course and the Syllabus.

The Chapter Assignments:
For each chapter in the text, there is a Management at Work Case for your assignment, try and incorporate the questions presented to you into your assignment paper using the five-paragraph model above. Please use the material from the text chapter to support your position and only inject personal experience if it builds on the text materials. All assignments are submitted via TurnItIn.


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