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Carrolls Through the Looking-Glass,Preview the document to the end
Angela HartPreview the document, Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll: Do Works Have Meaning? Lacanian Theory on Carrolls Writing, International Journal of Arts & Sciences 8.3 (2015): 425-40.
300 words Critically analyze the end of the Alice sequence by engaging directly with Harts article on words, language, and meaning. How has Alice been able to navigateand how has she not beenthese new worlds with no parallel to her own? Is Carroll suggesting something about childrens capacity for language and meaning, as opposed to adults, in that theyre more able to navigate the unknown? Or is he suggesting the contrary, given the Shi article we read on Alice as an anti-feminist text, and one that speaks to the confining the heavily restricted roles expected of women in the Victorian period?


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