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Chippewa Indian Tribe

Write a five paragraph essay with five to seven sentences in each paragraph in which you argue or persuade either that American Indians should be fully integrated into the American society or that it is best to continue to maintain and support American Indians staying on their reservations.
Quote from at least one source to support your position.
Document your source and quotation(s) using MLA style documentation including citations and a work cited page with appropriate entries.
The link below gives full information on using MLA style:

Submit your persuasive essay and be sure to have a works cited page.
Use MLA style and be sure to have a Works Cited page for your sources and cite your sources in the essay. View the sample essay to see MLA style in an essay with sources.
Do not submit an essay for this assignment without sources.
Your sources will be those you choose to use, but sure to have at last one source that supports your position.
If you work with one of our tutors, let them know you are required to use MLA format to document your sources, so they can help you.


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