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Choose Topic Base on the Project Instructions

Examine an issue, propose a solution, and make a recommendation. complete research for this project; your research can consist of primary and secondary research.
Rhetorical Situation
Dr. Christine Cranford, CEO of Think and Do Organization, is considering funding proposals that address local campus or local business issues, as well as state or global issues.
CEO and Organizational Board Members, who know little about the issue addressed in your proposal
Project Description
Your proposal report should be written in a memo format addressed to Dr. Christine Cranford, CEO.
Include the following headings and content in your proposal:
In the introduction briefly identify the problem that drives your proposal, why the proposal was written.  Also, include a purpose statement. The purpose statement should reflect the purpose and content of the memo. For example: This proposal examines X issue and recommends X solution.
Your introduction should be no more than two paragraphs, or roughly half a page, long. If there are any terms or abbreviations that need to be defined, present them as part of the introduction.
In this section, define the problem in detail. Include why this problem needs to be addressed; what are the repercussions if this issue is not resolved? Keep in mind that you are creating a persuasive document; therefore, you will need to present significant reasons to illustrate why this problem needs to be addressed. Your goal is to persuade your reader to approve your recommendation. 
Do not present the solution in this section.
The objective section covers the specific achievements you hope to reach. An example might be if you were proposing a new work-from-home policy. One of the objectives you might highlight would be the desire to cut day-to-day costs, such as the power bill.
This section provides information about the issue and the seriousness of the problem. You will want to assume that your reader knows little about the issue and you will need to explain the issue to your audience. Show your audience that you are knowledgeable and understand the issue. Depending on your topic, you can present a historical perspective of the issue, as well as current scholarly research, including the current knowledge, including substantive findings. If you have conducted primary research on your topic, present that information in the background section.
Present a solution to the issue in this section. If needed, the solution can have multiple parts. The solution can include items that needed to be implemented as soon as possible (or first) and then items that need to be implemented in the future. You will need to include specific details to describe the proposed solution. For example, if you are writing a proposal that addresses the parking issue at NCSU and your solution is that NCSU needs new parking to provide more parking for students, staff, and faculty, you need to clearly state where additional lots will be placed, how many slots the new parking lot(s) will provide, who will be allowed to park in these new spots, etc.
If applicable, include a Resources section describing what resources (like equipment) that might be needed to implement your solution

Include a timeline in a table that identifies the major milestones of the solution.
What will the proposed solution cost? In the section, you should outline how much the solution will cost if implemented. Including a table with the primary budget line-items for this solution, along with justifications for each line-item in paragraphs following the table.
You can estimate the cost associated with the solution(s).
Under this heading, you will state that the solution(s) should be implemented and reiterate why this solution should be implemented. You may present a solution that can be implemented as soon as possible and a solution that can be implemented in the future. Or, you may have one solution that can resolve the issue and be implemented within a reasonable amount of time.
List any sources you use to compile information for this report under this heading. Follow MLA or APA format.
Note: Include any additional sections you need to be persuasive. The above sections must be included, but dont feel limited by this list. You can include other sections if you feel the section will be dependent on your topic and audience, so choose and name them appropriately, using what you’ve learned throughout the semester.
Proposal Tips:
o    Length will depend on your subject. Most proposal reports of this nature are 5+ single-space pages
o    Present your proposal in a memo format. Make sure that your memo heading includes the correct heading information for a memo
o    Write in a clear and concise manner
o    Use a professional tone
o    Your headings in your memo should be in bold only. Sub-headings should be italicized
o    The document design should follow good principles of document design
o    Use visuals to help illustrate parts of your proposal. You can use illustrations, diagrams, photographs, tables, graphs, charts, et.o    Make sure that you label the visuals and refer to the visual within the report
o    Keep in mind that your goal is to persuade your reader to approve your recommendations


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