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cinema qusetions answer

This quiz covers any material covered from 1950’s – present and films The Graduate, Do the Right Thing, Alien, & Pulp Fiction, Moonlight and This Film is Not Yet Rated. 

You need to search for some knowledge about cinema or review some movies.
Answer the questions. Each question is a short paragraph.

11.  If Horror films ask “Oh no!” and Science Fiction films ask “What if?”, discuss (2) reasons why the film “Alien” is considered by many to rest in both genres:  (1 for horror & 1 for sci-fi).

12.  After a sharp decline in movie attendance in theatres in the 1990’s, what are (3) ways Hollywood shifted it’s focus to remain profitable?

13.  Since the opening of the Sundance Film Festival in 1985, there has been a forum of support for independent cinema.

How is a film categorized as “independent”?

Provide an example of one.

How has Hollywood become involved in the marketing of these films?


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