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task1:Most cities, especially those in very large cities in developing countries, which are struggling with limited budgets and an infrastructure deficit, see urban infrastructure, especially water infrastructure and green infrastructure, as a large expense. The videos seem to suggest that infrastructure should be seen as investments (they provide benefits, which can be regarded as a return on investment). Do you believe that urban infrastructure should be seen as an investment and city governments should take that approach as a motivation to provide adequate urban infrastructure?
task2:In some cities, public transport operates on a cost recovery basis (ticket price set to cover the costs of maintaining and operating the system), with no or limited subsidies from the municipal or higher levels of government. In other cities, public transport is free (Tallin, Estonia) or heavily subsidized, leading to increased ridership and less congested cities. (As of this month, March 2020, Luxembourg, a small country in Europe has made all public transport free: bus, streetcar, train). Are you in support of or against city and higher levels of government providing large subsidies for public transport? If yes, what benefits may such a measure bring? If not, why not (list a few reasons)?


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