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cognitive therapy

Please view the “Case of Tim” video.

After viewing, please answer the following questions:

What are the key characteristics of cognitive therapy that distinguish it from other therapy approaches?

What is the role of the client/therapist relationship from the cognitive therapists point of view?

What are some cognitive-behavioral techniques used with Tim in his therapy session?
If you were to continue working with Tim as his counselor, what specific cognitive-behavioral techniques might you use?

What goals would you have in mind for Tim?

Please include in your answer some of the following “cognitive” terminology: internal dialogue, irrational beliefs, coping-skills program, stress inoculation, unconditional shoulds, absolutistic musts, faulty assumptions, automatic thinking, self-evaluating, self-sustaining, schema restructuring, cognitive distortions/errors, autosuggestion, blame, arbitrary inferences, A-B-C theory, Socratic questioning, distortion of reality, disputing irrational beliefs, overgeneralization, magnification and minimization, polarized thinking, cognitive restructuring.


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