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Cold War

There are three basic schools of thought when it comes to the causes of the international Cold War:
1. Traditionalist- Caused by USSR
2. Revisionist- Caused by USA
3. Post Revisionist Caused by both USA and USSR with some third world influence.
In this essay you are to discuss the three major schools of thought regarding the causes of the Cold War, You will examine nine (9)  scholarly books or articles on the International Cold War. You will summarize and classify each authors argument, explain why the argument does or does not have merit and explain WHY you agree or disagree with the position without using first person. For your convenience, I will post 12-14 Articles on Canvas to help. YOU MUST HAVE 3 Articles from each school. Your Conclusion will discuss which school of thought you support and why.

Essay Exams Essay exams are based on an 11-paragraph format and are Graded as follows:

Paragraph 1 (5 points) 0-5 points Based on the quality of the thesis. Additional Deductions will be made for poor grammar, spelling, and capitalization

Paragraphs 2-10
0-2 points awarded for the assertion, 0-2 points for evidence, 1 point for analysis (argument)0-5 points are awarded for proper grammar, spelling, and capitalization, as well as following proper Historical Conventions.

Paragraph 11
0-5 Points awarded on a proper conclusion and weighting of evidence. Additional Deductions will be made for poor grammar, spelling, and capitalizationAdditional

Additions or deductions
Up to 10 extra points will be awarded for proper Chicago style cover page, footnotes, and formatting
Up to 10 additional extra points will be awarded for a proper Chicago Style Alphabetized Bibliography
No Extra points are awarded if the required number of sources are not used


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