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This assignment was locked Feb 25 at 9am.
Assignment #4: Connecting the class to Real Life

(Assignment #4 due at 9 a.m., 2/25)

Find a current example of media content — a TV show, advertisement, website, or an article about media and craft a 200 – 400 word essay on how that media content illustrates an idea or concept from class. For example, how does a new Netflix program illustrate the nature of TV economics, or how does Disneys purchase of 21st Century Fox illustrate vertical or horizontal integration. Feel free to look broadly at technological changes (5G) or even regulatory issues.  Critical commentary is encouraged, but make sure to tie it to course content (lecture and/or text).


Type AND SAVE your answers in a Word file while working on the assignment.
When you are ready to submit the assignment, select Submit Assignment in the upper right corner of this page and copy and paste your answers into the text box below.  Make sure you submit the assignment before Tues at 9:00 AM.  Late assignments will NOT be accepted.
Write complete sentences with proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.
Proofread before you submit!


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