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Comments of people on acts of environmental pollution

There is 2 required.  A draft of your Works Cited page and final essay(Your paper should be 1250-1500 words typed, double-spaced, titled, in MLA
format). Please follow the outline research I post and write an essay and you have also provide a Works Cited page
The Approach: Choose a topic and craft a working thesis statement that accurately
and clearly states your idea. Compile research that supports your thesis. Make an
outline and organize your supporting points in the manner that best supports your
argument. Do not forget to introduce and to refute an argument against your claim.
Craft a conclusion that briefly sums up your argument and that ultimately answers
the question: So what? Dont forget your Works Cited page.

Introduce your argument in a focused first paragraph that announces your main
idea. Include evidence that supports your thesis using specific examples and
quotations from your sources. Quotations are not self-explanatory; one must
illustrate how quotations from your sources support your argument.
Your paper should be 1250-1500 words (typed, double-spaced, titled, in MLA
format, and uploaded to the Blackboard website), should cite five sources (Please,
use only two websites and a combination of three journal articles or books), and
should have a word count attached at the end


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