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Common Interests of Individuals or Firms

Until the mid-1960s, it was generally believed that the common interests of individuals or firms would lead necessarily to an organization to represent those interests. However, this reasoning was faulty; it neglected an important aspect of organizational development, the problem of free riders. This is the topic of this week’s discussion question.
First, in your own words, discuss what a free rider is.  Why is this an issue for associations/organizations formed to represent the interest of specific groups of people/firms?  The ADA and ANA found ways to overcome the free rider issue.  Discuss three of these initiatives. Why do you think these worked? In what ways could these have failed? It maybe that these are not as useful in 2019.  Identify and discuss a new initiative for the ANA and ADA that are more suited to 21st century healthcare. Be sure to provide a rationale for why these will work.

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