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Community Forensic Observation

Ok so I need you to choose an agency from below. The only info that really important here is what is in parathensess. The info directly following this is teacher instructions. It does not need to be a page. Merely 6-10 sentences, a paragraph, just properly formatted as described in the parathensses.
  you will be visiting an agency, or setting related to forensic psychology, or you will conduct an interview with a forensic professional in this field.  suggestions of forensic professionals or agencies you could visit include attorneys (criminal, divorce, family, or immigration), judges or court personnel, juvenile justice facilities, military forensic agencies, law enforcement agencies, DHHS agencies, victims advocacy agencies, psychologists or therapists who conduct forensic evaluations, or any other ideas you may have.

(Your brief proposal should be written in Word, APA style, with a cover page. Page two is the actual proposal, which should be one paragraph long and double spaced, and you should include a heading on top of paper. No references are needed. If you are conducting an interview, you may consider adding the 10-12 or so questions you will ask.)


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