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Comparative Chinese Philosophies

Hello. This is the outline for the evidence and thesis you had written for order #162409529. This outline basically is to gather all of the concepts and evidence and create a condensed organized version of everything.  I have attached some information that might be helpful in explaining the assignment. This is an outline breaking down the thesis. In the thesis you had written in order #162409529, you wrote, “Good government, according to Confucius, was virtues because of its confidant people and morally strong ruler, according to Daoism was based on a lack of actions and nature of people to maintain a good and serene life, and according to Legalism was achieved through strict law and forceful ruler.” you basically now have to take the points you made about confucius, and bring in 2-3 evidence of your statement and then do this again with daoism and legalism. Please let me know if you need me to include anymore attachments.


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