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Comparative Nationalism

Begin your paper with a discussion of the much-debated definition of nationalism, including an explanation of the difference between patriotism and nationalism.  Punctuate these definitions with detailed examples from American politics. The rest of the paper should be comparative research of nationalist developments in other parts to the world with a historical perspective on the events that led to those developments. 

The following should be addressed:
– What is the difference between nationalism and patriotism?
– Describe the rise of nationalism in one European Country and compare those events and values to the rise of nationalism in the U.S.
– Which came first, a rise in neo-nationalism in the U.S. or in Europe for example?
– Did one set of events influence another?
– Now, with a better understanding of the definitions and developments, is the rise of nationalism at home and abroad a concern for liberal democracies?  Why or why not?

Provide facts and sources for each point in your paper.  This is a research paper.  All opinion must be supported by facts.  Avoid partisan sources.  Do not cite MSNBC or FOX News, talk radio or partisan websites.

Paper Specifics:
– Eight (8) academic sources
– MLA format
– Include an abstract, title, page numbers, a complete works cited page and in-text citations.

Link to background info on countries:

Optional Resources:

Textbook from class will be uploaded. Aforementioned definitions should be reflected from provided text.


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