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Comparison Essay

Compare “A Rose for Emily,” 658 with “The Cask of Amontillado,” 173. Both stories deal with the motive to commit murder and a macabre obsession with the dead.

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1) Your essay must be set up according to MLA format (see link below).

2) Word count is 800-1200 words

3) To help generate ideas on what to write about, see the questions on page 19.

4) You must have an introductory paragraph, body paragraph(s), and a conclusion

5) Your essay needs a title, but you must also introduce the author’s full name and title of the short story (always in quotation marks) in your introductory paragraph. After that refer to author by last name only.

6) Integrate quotes from the story (as done in example on pages 42 & 45) to support your opinions and to highlight the most significant parts of the story.

7) Avoid using personal pronouns “I” and “you.” If necessary, you can refer to the “reader.” State your opinion with confidence.

7) Proofread, edit, and revise carefully.


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