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Comparison Essay

Instuctions: You will write a comparison essay discussing any TWO (2) of the following texts in your essay response:
o    Henrik Ibsens A Dolls House
o    Art Spigelmans Maus I & II
o    Joesph Auguste Merasty and David Carpenters The Education of Augie Merasty.
Pick ONE (1) of the following essay options to write a formal literary analysis essay. Your essay should include an introduction, thesis, 2-3 body paragraphs and conclusion. A Work Cited page should also be included.  When applicable, you should include evidence from the texts to support your answer. Research is not required, but if you do use secondary sources, you must include them as in-text citations and in your reference page.
1.    OPPRESSION: There are many different types of oppression including ideological oppression, where one group believes they are better than another; institutional oppression, where one group controls the institutions of society (laws, police force, housing, etc.), and interpersonal oppression, where individuals personally disrespect or mistreat others in an oppressed group. Using these categories as the basis of your essay, explain how oppression is illustrated in any TWO or more of the texts listed above.

2.    TRANSFORMATION: People are not static. They evolve, grow, develop and change in a dynamic way over the course of a lifetime. Sometimes those changes are positive, leading to more self-confidence and personal growth, and sometimes those changes can negatively impact a persons life. In your essay response, identify how any TWO or more characters in the texts listed above undergo a transformation of their character.


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