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Complete two Lesson plan Templates

You are going  complete two Lesson plan Templates,  using Extra Credit: Wiggins – Lesson Plan (Attached to order), please, read the lesson plan attached so that you can write ONE Desired Results  section,  with details  on  the  central  focus, also, the central Focus can be use in both Lesson plan Templates. Copy  the numbers
In the Established Goals Standard and in your own words to describe standard, and what  you what  learners  to know and be  able  to do during your planned  two  days  of teaching;  ONE  Assessments  section,  with  a different  Formative  Assessment  task for each day of instruction.TWO  Learning Plans  sections, each with  the  sequence  of  learning  activities  you will  do with your learners. ( day 1 and  day 2 )

Two Formative Assessment  Tasks 
Employ FA (Formative Assessment ) tasks

ALSO IN TEMPLATES  I add the note how are you going to write.  The most important part are central Focus, Mini-Lesson,Learning Activities & Work Time (Activities: Designing and creating a mobile) Share and Concluded/Modifications


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