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Concepts in Art

Choose any 1 or 2 of the topics below and write a 2 page paper paper showing your understanding on the topics from the chapter. The topics are discussed in chapter 2 (Truth and Stereotypes), must use a few quotes from the chapter and cite accordingly:

    Schematism and how we understand the phenomenal world. We develop heuristics to interpret the phenomenal world.
    Artist’s temperament and the tools/medium helps to determine the message.
    “If art were a matter of individual expression, we wouldn’t have a history of art.”

    Difficult for artists to escape the limits which one’s time and interests impose on them – style rules even where the artist wishes to represent faithfully.

    No image is on the retina.

    Bayeux Tapestry – there was a battle at Hastings, but [the tapestry] doesn’t tell us what Hastings looked like.

    Principle of the adapted stereotype.

    Artists who want to make a truthful record of an individual form begin not with a visual impression (perception), but an idea of concept (making comes before matching)

    The artists could argue that it makes no sense to look at a motif unless one has learned how to classify and catch it within the network of a schematic form or heuristic.

    It is dangerous to confuse the way a figure is drawn with the way it is seen.

Write a 2 page summary on Chapter 5 (Formula and Experience), must use a few quotes from the chapter and cite accordingly.


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