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For one of the pages, I am allocating it to the previous order. For the other page, use the space to incorporate one of the research that I did called “return of eugenia cooney.” I have attached it down below. Use it as necessary and accordingly.

This entire paper (including the previous order), so the 4 page paper, will essentially be a continuation of my previous paper. Both these papers will be one cohesive paper about social media’s relationship/effect on eating disorder. I will attach that paper on here too so that you can read it and have a feel of how the essay should turn out so that it can have a better flow. On the previous paper, it focuses more on the negative effects of social media on eating disorder and how it sort of leads to or encourages eating disorder. So for this particular essay, try to keep it balanced and maybe talk about the positive side of it. You can decide whether the “return of eugenia cooney” one will fall under the negative one or the positive one. Make sure to spend at least one page discussing the eugenia cooney one. You can cut and paste or edit accordingly. I do not mind you using that research paper. However of course, please do additional research for the other 3 pages of the paper.


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