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How are you feeling about completing your journal entries? Have you noticed any changes in your approach to or comfort level with writing since you started this practice? You might consider this week journaling about those thoughts to consider how you are growing as a writer. And while your journal entries are informal writing, if there are specific skills you want to practice, you can use your journal time to work on those.

As a reminder, you can type your journal entries or you can hand write them; the choice is yours. The most important thing is to write 1 to 1 pages for your journal entry.

The instructions for the assignment this week are the same as last week. Just write! The goal is to get more comfortable with the idea and practice of writing.

If you find yourself struggling for something to write about, check out these suggested journal topics:

Describe the most memorable day of your life.
List the reasons you chose to attend college.
Describe what it means to be a parent or your child rearing philosophy. Alternatively, describe what your childhood was like. What do you recall?
Discuss some mentors in your life. Describe who you most admire and why. Discuss the people who support you on your educational journey.
Describe your dream job.
Recount your greatest success or mistake and what you learned from it.
Describe and discuss your favorite film, book, or story.

To complete and submit this assignment, follow these instructions:

Select the topic you want to write about this week.
Choose the format you will use for the Weekly Reflective Writing Journal assignment (e.g., Microsoft Word or hand-written on paper).
Write 1 to 1 pages in your journal. Once you complete your journal entry, write a summary sentence or phrase that captures your writing experience or your topic.
Post your summary sentence or phrase into the text box below these instructions to receive credit for this weeks Reflective Journal Writing assignment.


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