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Criminal Activity and the Illegal Drug Industry

Compare and contrast the organizational structure of the mafia with that of a motorcycle gang. Do you think that drugs are their main source of income? How do they distribute their goods?

Assignment Guidelines

Address the following in 3 pages:

Research mafia organizations within the United States.
What is their involvement in the illegal drug industry? Explain.
How are drugs transported and sold by mafia organizations within the United States? Explain.
What criminal activities result from this drug trafficking? Explain.
Research the Colombian drug cartel.
What types of crimes are commonly committed by members of these types of organizations? Explain.
Regarding criminal activities, how does international drug trafficking compare to drug trafficking within the United States?
Compare being charged under RICO to being charged under IRS violations. 
What are the penalties of each, and is there any civil redress in either one?
Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.


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