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Critical Thinking Exercise

For this Critical Thinking Exercise, let’s revisit the Barnes Family Timeline and focus on the years 2003-2005.

Review the following scenario and then complete the exercise. Answer all of the requests noted in the scenario; be sure to discuss the brain, learning, and behavior.

CTE Scenario
After Jimmy’s mom died when he was 4 months old, his dad, David, became overwhelmed with grief. Although he continued to provide housing, food, and water for Samantha, an older adopted sister, and Jimmy, he didn’t interact much with Jimmy. It took David 18 months to find relief from his grief and depression and to regain some sense of purpose in his life so he could engage the children more. However, Jimmy is now a toddler and doesn’t interact with the family, other children, or even animals. Jimmy still isn’t speaking much and his vocabulary is very limited compared to his peers. Additionally, Jimmy doesn’t respond to dad’s punishments or rewards when trying to motivate Jimmy to potty train. Consider how Jimmy’s experiences over the last 18 months contributed to his current functioning. Write your CTE on the events you identify as causal agents, and the development in Jimmy that would be the biological basis for his behavior.

The CTE has a specific format you need to follow:

The maximum word count is 250, not including citations and reference list.
Use APA format for your in-text citation and reference list.
Use at least one required reading from this module as a reference.


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