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Cryptocurrency – Monero

*) What kind of blockchain does it use? (e.g., public/private vs. permissioned/permissionless)
*) Is it a cryptocurrency, digital currency, token or a platform (i.e., a solution on which one can
build applications)?
*) What kind of problem(s) does it solve?
*)Use the schema from Kravchenko et al. (2018) for classification: issuance process, transaction
confirmation, transaction audit, upgrade management, registration and restrictions, transaction
privacy, transaction confirmation time, transaction per second
*) What is the underlying business model (i.e., how do they want to make money?)
*) Make a critical evaluation! Do not only rely on information you find on the website but search
on the Internet for shortcomings/flaws. Did any negative events happen?
*) Provide a timeline in which you list the main events that happened since it was founded


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