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* Choose one item that addresses a current issue and makes connections to class concepts. The item may be print or videofor example, an article from the current edition of a newspaper or magazine, a segment from news or talk show, a YouTube video, a vlog, or any program that features current affairs.

Answer each of these questions below: 

 1) Clearly identify the argument. Present the premises and conclusion in your chosen article or video clip and explain their importance. Did the speakers/writers use deductive or inductive reasoning?

2) In your article or video clip, identify and explain three of the following: vague/ambiguous language; credibility; cognitive bias; rhetoric; logical fallacies; generalizations; arguments from analogy; cause and effect reasoning; and value judgments about morality, law, or aesthetics.

3) Explain why you think the argument fits this concept. Also, identify if this was purposeful and why, and how this affects the strength of the argument.

4) Provide a conclusion. Was the argument convincing? What is your position?

I have already chosen the current affairs. Use the video link and the posts below to complete the assignment.


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