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Cyber Vulnerability in Power Systems Operation and Control

CSSS 5120 Week 5 Assignment #1: Power Grid Defense (1-page)

– Chapter 6 of Cyber War: The Next Threat to National Security and What to Do About It,  where we take a look at Clarkes perspective of an offensive cyber program in the United States.
– Part Four of Critical Infrastructure Protection, we evaluate power systems.


Clarke and other leaders in cybersecurity put the nations power systems at the top-tier of our defensive actions against cyber attack. Using our weekly discussions and both textbooks as sources, what do you think are the current issues facing our power grids to defend against attacks? And, how does the Smart Grid concept impact the cybersecurity discussion?

This is the correct answer, but it needs to be written in my own words:

“Clarke and other leaders in cybersecurity enable the protection of the nations power systems at the top-tier of our defensive actions against the cyber-attacks and the cyber threats. There are many issues which need to be addressed for the security of the power grids and smart grids. There are different reasons and issues which are being faced by the power grids such as:

– Errors and lack of security in the software implementations.
– Design flaws and architectural weaknesses in the systems.
– Weaknesses in the protocol design and implementation for communications.
– Weak implementation of the security policies in place.

The Smart Grid concept impact the cybersecurity in a way in which the smart grid is a digital technology. The smart grid allows for the two-way communication between the utilities and the customers and thus sensing along with transmitting the power is what makes the smart grid. Smart grids are thus vulnerability to cyber-attacks and cyber threats.”
CSSS 5120 Week 5 Assignment #2: This Week in Cybersecurity (2-pages)


Find a Cybersecurity-related current event, activity, or development on to write and share with your colleagues. In your discussion post, briefly summarize the event and reflect on its significance to support your topical input.

Questions to address in a two-pages paper might include:
How does the event relate to issues addressed in class?
How might similar situations be mitigated?
What is the broader impact of the event (e.g., nationally, globally, etc.)

Include a link to the story or a citation so that others may read the story.
5140 Week 5 Assignment #1 – Information protection program (2-pages)


Here is the answer but need to be written in my own words.

In order to achieve the strategic, tactical and operational goals, the following are key components to successfully implementing an Information Security Program:

1. Focus on the Information Security Program as a whole
2. Align your security program with your organizations mission and business objectives
3. Implement meaningful and enforceable Information Security policies and procedures
4. Develop a security risk management program
5. Apply defense-in-depth measures: Assess the security controls to identify and manage risk
6. Establish a culture of security: Develop a sound Security Awareness program
7. Measure your Information Security Program by developing meaningful metrics
8. Develop and implement an Incident Response Plan: Train your staff and test your plan periodically
9. Continuous monitor: Deploy tools and solutions to monitor your infrastructure
10. Review your plan at least annually: Anticipate, innovate, and adapt

Discuss the components of an information protection program.

APA Format
2 references
2 pages
5140 Week 5 Assignment #2 – Sensitivity of data (2-pages)


Discuss various levels of sensitivity of data and why they are important.

APA Format
2 references
2 pages

CSSS 5140 Week 5 Assignment #3 – Video Synopsis (2-pages)

The 1s and 0s behind cyber warfare (Chris Domas)


Instructions: After reviewing the video answer the following questions in two to four strong paragraphs using APA format:

1. What are the major points, strengths, and weaknesses?
2. How could the information be applied in Cyber Strategic Operations?

– Provide two references.
– APA Format


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