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Research paper topic cybercrime
For this week you will begin to research the literature in your topic area. The attached template will allow you to collect information about your sources and build your literature review.
The table columns are explained as follows:
Category: Enter the main topic area of the article you have found
Reference: Add the APA formatted reference in this column
Reference Link: Enter the link to the reference in this column
Quote: Copy an exact quote, or two, from the article that you find summarizes the main idea of the article
Summary: Enter a brief summary of the article and include how it supports the project. You can add additional information such as research methods used, population sample, analysis, etc.
This should be done as if it were being presented professionally, so no first-person speech, much of this may transfer into your actual paper.
For this week, find at least 20 credible, scholarly sources for inclusion in your literature review. Choose these carefully as they will help set the state for your research


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