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Cybersecurity Infrastructures

ASSIGNMENT (8 pages)

    Answer the four questions below using the information provided in Weeks 1 through 4. Hint:  Q 1, 2, and 3 are fictitious entities.  Use your imagination as to what each would require.
    Submit a single Word document.
    Your answers should be a discussion, and therefore no unexplained bullets.
    Double Space your answer.
    Provide a minimum of two full pages per question.
    Be sure to list any references.
    All references must be from the course materials. You may use the textbook for ideas if you have it.
    Include a title page and reference list.
    List the number and question before each answer.

Answer all of the following:

1.    You are the Chief of Cybersecurity Operations at a National Palace. Your organization will host a Gala for distinguished visitors.  Discuss how you would plan and what you would consider in order to keep the event Cyber secure. (2 pages)

2.    As the Cybersecurity Officer, you are on the leadership team of the Global Zoo which hosts dignitaries and their staff when they are in the area. Discuss your Cyber Strategy Operations plan pertinent to the situation. (2 pages)

3.    You are an intern in the Cybersecurity Operations Office for the new National Youth Social Media Administration. You just graduated from the Webster University Cybersecurity Program and you want to impress your supervisors in order to have a greater opportunity for a promotion.  Discuss your proposal for a Cybersecurity strategy for this new national office. (2 pages)

4.    Choose a topic from the course book.  Explain the concept and discuss how the topic is relevant in today’s cyber strategic operations.  You may use the provided chapters of the book if you do not have the book.  See link on the home page of this course. (2 pages)

See attached file.

Topic: What Do We Mean by Security Anyway? See attachment Part 1 pages 34-36


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