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Defending kantian ethics

The writing will have a clear structure, a single claim toward which the entire essay is directed, and most importantly, relevant reasons provided in support of the central claim. This last feature is what distinguishes an argument from mere opinion. The essay should also reflect an attention to detail with respect to the reading material that constitutes your research. Careful, accurate reference to primary or secondary philosophical material will demonstrate this. You must use scholarly works (journal articles and books by academic publishers) not explicitly required for the course. Do not include the text, which does not constitute research. Clarity is essential. You must be clear with yourself what it is you intend to do in the essay. Only in this way will the essay reflect clarity of purpose and the clear expression of ideas. The paper provides the opportunity to demonstrate the skills associated with clear, cogent reasoning and the logical development of a thesis. In addition, it affords the opportunity to research a specific topic in greater detail than the course allows.


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