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Define profit and explain why profit separated business organizations from other organizations

Use Caston to define profit and explain why profit separates business organizations from other organizations, such as religious, civic, etc.

You must have at least 2 citations from the textbook pages attached.
You must use quotations and citations for information pulled from our books, the web, and other
sources. You must use your own words to tie information together.

How the essay style is supposed to be written is attached also.

Grading Rubric
10 Excellent thesis, Topic Sentences, paragraph focus, citations, structure, development, and style.

9-9.5 Excellent, but something is not top grade, or the essay is uneven on some aspect.

8-8.5Uneven essay with excellence in some areas and average level work in others.

7-7.5 Average level of work in thesis, TS, paragraph focus, development, citations, QM, & structure. 6-6.5Below average work in some areas, and satisfactory work in other areas.

5-5.5 Have citations and QM going, but major problems in one or more areas.

4.5 and below Fundamental issues with essay structure are taking place.

NG or zero Missing QM and/or proper citations, so issue of plagiarism are involved.


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