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*Introduce a psychological disorder that is of interest to you: Depression

*Discuss the biological, psychological, and/or social relevance of examining this disorder.

*Provide a brief overview of the clinical attributes of this disorder.

*Provide a brief overview of the points that you will address in your presentation.

*Explain the strengths and limitations of the clinical assessments designed to evaluate the disorder.

*Discuss challenges related to reliability and validity in the assessment of the disorder.

*Explain the concept of diagnosis by exclusion, using the selected disorder as an example.

*Articulate how assessments contribute to diagnosis by exclusion.

*Explain the relationship between the publication process of the DSM, the contribution of research in Explain the strengths and limitations of various therapeutic approaches designed to treat the disorder mental health, and the practice of clinicians.

*Discuss the relevance of non-pharmacological approaches in the treatment of the disorder.

* Discuss the balance between do no harm and duty to treat

* What attributes of the disorder do you want your audience to remember most?

*In what ways does the information youve shared enhance what we know about the disorder?[In

*what ways does the content that youve shared contribute to our biological, psychological, and/or social well-being?


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