Design Flaw Paper

This assignment requires you to use the Internet and watch videos then critique them. Below are your instructions. See below the pictures of the thought leaders, along with a video tab for each to watch the corresponding video. 


Watch a minimum of three of the videos (they are relatively short) and write a paper 3 to 5 pages in length (not including title and reference pages) related to our course topic. 


 Provide a brief overview of each thought leaders identified flaws and their recommendation to change. 


 What commonalities were identified in the three video clips you reviewed? 


 Analyze the flaws each thought leader identified. How do they connect? How are they supported in the literature? (Research needed) What is your opinion of the flaws? Agree/disagree? 


 Evaluate the recommendations provided by the thought leaders. How are they similar? How are they supported in the literature? (Research needed) Would you agree with their recommendations? If so why; if not why? Support your ideas with research. 


 Compare and contrast how these flaws and recommendations relate to your organization. 


 Provide a brief conclusion summarizing the information presented in your Design Flaws paper 


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