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Dietary medicine

you must first select a condition or disorder that you are interested in. Then, find a proposed dietary intervention (e.g. adopting a certain type of diet, supplementing an existing diet with a certain type of food or vitamin, etc.) that is alleged to be capable of either preventing or treating that disorder.

Find a claim somewhere that asserts that this dietary intervention is effective. The claim does not have to come from a legitimate source; it can come from any source, even if it’s a website that is not a respected authority on health. The idea is just to substantiate that this dietary intervention is, in fact, being promoted by someone.

Then, you will do some research to find out if there is any legitimate evidence out there that this dietary intervention actually does work.

Find at least one peer-reviewed source through the University Libraries that either supports or refutes the use of the dietary intervention. (

Next, provide your assessment of the intervention. Based on your research, does it seem to have some potential for treating or curing the condition you chose?


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