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Digital business transformation of the services industry: applications, impact and implications

As the title suggests, the essay should explore digital transformation of the services industry, debate and analyse the use and impact of technological advances (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, smart services, robotics, blockchain, etc.). While studying the impact, include in your focus the following aspects:

the nature and characteristics of services (e.g. personalisation, digitisation of services, automated services, smart services, etc.)
on service employees (e.g. automation, the substitution of labour with technology, skills of service employees, etc.)
the legal, cultural and ethical implications (e.g. legislation updates, changes on social value systems, ethics, cultural values, etc.), and
from an international perspective (e.g. different use of robotics in Japan Vs U.S.A. and Europe, etc.)
In your essay, ensure the following:

A structured writing approach is applied.
Harvard style referencing is used.
Avoided plagiarism by making proper citations and using own paraphrasing.
NOT exceeded the 3300 words limit (excluding cover page and references).


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