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Digital Forensics-Honeypot data analysis

The assignment is aimed at examining some of the attack vectors of two subject areas. First, the one associated with wireless routers and secondly, that of automotive security. As digital forensic investigators, you should be aware of the attack methods as awareness of what areas to focus on when conducting an investigation.

Your task is to research the areas mentioned and answer the following two questions:

    1) Investigate 2 methods used to backdoor or exploit firmware on a SOHO wireless router. Write in detail how each one works and what issue is utilized for each one. Incorporate one or more into the TP-Link firmware. (Document your process) (35 %)

    2) Investigate the need for automotive security and what countermeasures could be utilised. What tools and technologies are currently available to support a forensic analyst after a threat agent has been on an automotive system (e.g. CAN network/infotainment etc.). (35 %)

Please include only one introduction and conclusion for both topics in your report. 


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