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Dihybrid Cross

Hello, Im working on a lab report and need these sections completed and added to the Dihybrid lab report attached below-


1.    Present your hypothesis (linked or unlinked) for EACH colored vial. Mode of Inheritance is not part of this hypothesis.
2.    Include Punnett squares for F1 and F2 generations (F1xF1: 4×4, Testcross: 1×4).
3.    Provide phenotypic ratios (based on Punnett Squares) for F1xF1 and genotypic and phenotypic ratios for both testcrosses.

1.    Walk the reader through this part of paper in words.
2.    Give tables of all fly cross data gathered in sexing, typing, and counting (P1, F1, F1XF1, and F2 progeny)
along with fly totals.

1.    Chi Square of all PHENOTYPES (gender not considered) for both colored vials (F1xF1 and testcross).
*Use only whole numbers for Chi Square-not 23.5 flies!
2.    Calculate percent recombination and map distance for linked vial.
3.    Is the data what your hypothesis would suggest according to Punnett squares? What is the p-value?
*If your data is not supported by Chi Square, provide reasonable suggestions for the variance.

    1.  Discussion of the results.
    2.  Statement on Independent Assortment and how linkage affects it.
    3.  You are writing the conclusion for a three-week experiment.  This is a high level summary of the
entire experiment.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: MLA format,  cite the online lab manual and at least 2 additional reliable sources.

I also have provided both cross sheets below that will be needed for the punnet squares and Chi squares.


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