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Discrimination laws

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Georgia employers saw the second-highest rate of complaints of workplace discrimination from LGBT employees in the nation, according to a recent study. Georgia is one of three states that does not have an explicit anti-discrimination law that protects members of the LGBT community. There is no federal law banning discrimination against sexual orientation or gender identity, but there are protections for people based on things such as race, color, sex, age and disability.

Upon looking more into the GA state laws, although Georgia doesnt have a law in place to protect the LGBT community there are some cities who have taken matter into their own hands to protect those who are consider a part of the LGBT. Augusta Ga just recently put a protection plan in place for the LGBT family and friends, that protects them from being discriminated against in the workplace. Putting laws in place to protect individuals from being harmed or retaliated against for being what the world calls different makes a person feel their not alone; and there are people who care enough to make laws for their protection.


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