You will all answer the discussion questions, at the end of the case, including the synthesizer.  The synthesizer will take all of the responses into consideration and  will then refer back to the beginning of Chapter 18 on the Case Study guidelines to pull everyones interpretations together.

 If you look at page 503 in the textbook, it will explain more about what the write up should look like.

It will be challenging to pull in everybodys thoughts. You may not capture each individual response, and that is ok.  It will be up to you to decide if someone in the group provided particularly good answers to the discussion questions that should be used, for example in the solution.  

And remember you will have the time to submit the first draft of the write up to the group for feedback.

1. Answer Discussion questions Page 569

2. Write up (including the groups responses) 

3. Revise per feedback

 **Use page 503 to guide your write up** 

* Discussion questions due by today (Thursday) by 4pm

* After group post there responses … Write up due Monday @ noon 

* Group will leave feedback by Wednesday and final draft due Friday @ noon


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