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discussion on Crime TV

you can choose to write to one of these points, or a combination of them):

Is it important to make distinctions between different television texts that fall under the broad umbrella of Crime TV? Why?

How has crime television evolved with changes in the television ecosystem?

What are some of the ways that different kinds of crime TV contribute to the process of working through?

Unbelievable, episode 3, on Netflix.

Content warning: This series deals with rape and sexual violence and the questioning of victims in the aftermath. I’ve chosen episode 3 as the set screening as it is somewhat less confronting than the first two episodes (it focuses more on the detectives and the investigation rather than questioning the victims in detail as the first two episodes do), but please be aware of the subject matter and proceed accordingly.

you dont have to watch it,  you might want to check out the summaries of the episodes on Wikipedia to give you a better idea of what’s going on.

Responses will be marked on the relevant application of and engagement with set reading or readings for the week (2 marks), engagement with and reflection upon the set viewing and/or your own TV viewing (2 marks), and the quality and accuracy of written expression (1 mark).


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