Discussion Post-Discounted Cash Flow Valuation And Adjusted Present Value:

Participate in weekly classroom discussions including assigned discussions, assigned chapters, supplements, problems, articles, and any other topics related to the week’s course of study.  The Original Posting is to be completed by Thursday Night.  The Other Posting is to be completed by Sunday Night.


Use your confirmed Company Selection for case study of the following discussion questions. 


Title your post with company symbol and your name.


Assigned Discussions:


1.    Questions to Ask CEO About Valuation – If you were directed to make a visit to a company’s CEO for the purpose of obtaining information in addition to the 10K to complete a valuation of that company’s common stock, what questions would you ask and why?


2. Non-Operating Assets –


Is it important to address the value of non-operating assets in arriving at an estimate of the value of equity per share?  Why?  Offer an example from your company?


3. Increasing Value of Firm –


Assume the board of directors of the firm where you are CEO is calling for an increase in the value of the firm, what would you do to respond positively to that direction?


4.  Present Discounted Cash Flow Valuation


Post the results of the Discounted Cash Flow Valuation that you prepared for this week’s assignment that is to be submitted to the Gradebook.


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