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DIsobeying your boss

Please complete the following required reading assignments:
1.    Developing Leaders Groysberg, B. (2007). Developing Leaders.  Harvard Business School. Note #: 9-407-015.
2.    HBR Article: Reach Your Potential Kaplan, R. S. (2008). Reaching your potential. Harvard Business Review, July-August, 45-49.

You will write a reflection paper of 3-4 full pages.Use the assignment questions as headers in your paper.

The first half of the paper will examine the question: When will I disobey my boss? The second half should examine: What are the limits, if any, that I place on orders that I give my subordinates? If you do not currently have subordinates, place yourself in a leadership context and replace the word subordinates with followers. Use headers to separate your answers in your paper. Be sure to include relevant and specific details (examples) to support your claims.
    All papers must be typed and double-spaced with 1 inch margins on all sides.
    Papers should follow APA format.
    Use headers to separate different questions in the paper
    Use 12-point font.
    Include your name and page numbers in the header.
    Must have a minimum of 4  scholarly references (DO not use WIkipedia).
    See Purdue Owl on how to format your paper in APA format
    Always explicitly cite your sources, use in text citations and put scholarly references in the reference page. (You can use Google Scholar, do not use Wikipedia)
    Citations should follow APA format. Citing your sources is a way of demonstrating from where and how you came to know something.
    Proofread all written work. Finished products should be spell-checked and grammatically correct. 
    All assignments must be submitted on time.
    On the first page, write the course title, your name, name of the assignment and the instructors name. 


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