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Divine Discontent and Social Reform

125 words each
-What reasons does Addams give for the popularity of the Settlement House Movement? (She gives three reasons, dont just give me the quote, you should describe and elaborate. Your answer should include a discussion of Social Democracy and Social Gospel).

-How does Day justify non-violence (hint: you might look at the discussions at the beginning of Chs 3 & 6)? This justification leads her to describe love as harsh and dreadful (13 and 18). What does she mean by this (you might contrast this kind of pacifism with un-manly pacifism on p. 9)?

250 words each
-Hamington describes the utopian vision of these two women and compares their underlying philosophies. Briefly summarize the position of each woman, then explain which Hamington prefers and why. Do you agree with Hamingtons conclusion? Which do you prefer and why?


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