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Divorce (Why do people get divorced? Why are divorce rates so high in the US?)

In your Literature Review, you are asking and answering a question. You are not comparing and contracting articles. You are not evaluating the limitations in the literature. You are answering a question. The way you approach your question (i.e., your subtopics) are determined by the research, not by what you think should be covered. To figure out what the research is covering, you need to read a lot of articles (or the abstracts initially).  In your intro you present your question (why its important) and you might include background info (e.g., symptoms of autism, divorce rates in America, laws relating to your question). Other than that background info, all of your subtopics should be about answering your question. Take a good look at your subtopics. If you dont see how a subtopic addresses your question, drop it (even if its very interesting).  At the end of your paper (i.e., the conclusion), review all of your subtopics and then present the final answer to your question. 13-15 references.


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