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Doctoral Prospectus

Now that you have given additional in-depth thought to your potential research topic and problem statement, and received feedback on your ideas, it is time to refine those ideas into a more formal document that communicates a general sense of the direction of your research. To complete this Assignment, carefully review the DHA Doctoral Study Topics Guide and Doctoral Study Prospectus Guide. Focus particularly on the Annotated Outline that defines the protocols for the parts of the Prospectus: title, problem statement, approach for the study, potential sources of data and information, and references, as well as the sample prospectus.

To prepare:

Consider the you have received.
Review the guidance found in the Doctoral Study Prospectus Guide and DHA Doctoral Study Topics Guide when developing your Prospectus.

The Assignment (2 pages):

Develop your Doctoral Study Prospectus following the guidelines included in the Doctoral Study Prospectus Guide and DHA Doctoral Study Topics Guide.

Before submitting your Doctoral Study Prospectus:

Evaluate your Prospectus using the Litmus Test found in the Doctoral Study Prospectus Guide.
Based on your evaluation, revise your Prospectus as necessary.


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